Kaylee and Justin

Kaylee and Justin’s story began at summer camp 18 years ago. They were just kids who became friends instantly and kept in contact for many years. Little did they know that one day they would be raising a child of their own. “When we found out we were pregnant, we were filled with many emotions. We didn’t think we were ready to have a child. We were worried we couldn’t provide for a family financially and we just didn’t know if we wanted to start a family,” Kaylee said. “We knew we needed to find out how far along we were and get information on alternative options. We decided if we were less than eight weeks along we wanted to terminate the pregnancy. At the time it was just what we thought was the best.”

That is until they met the staff at Hope Pregnancy Center. Not having health insurance of any kind, Kaylee and Justin went in search of a free option to gain information about their pregnancy. After discovering Hope online, they scheduled an appointment and their journey of hope began. “When we arrived at the center I was so anxious and nervous. We told the staff what we wanted to do and they calmed our fears and provided us with all kinds of information and options. We never felt judged or like they were pushing us to do anything. The director even told us her story that related to us so well and it was an instant connection. I knew we had chosen the right place,” Kaylee said. Twenty-four hours after their first appointment Kaylee and Justin were back for an ultrasound, a service provided free of charge by Hope Pregnancy Center.

“I thought we were just in the beginning weeks of pregnancy, but when the ultrasound began we both looked at the screen and saw a little baby sucking its thumb. Little did we know we were 18 weeks along.” At that moment Justin said they knew what they had to do. “We decided we were going to keep our baby and raise her in a good home.”

An ultrasound wasn’t the only resource that benefited Kaylee and Justin. Over the next several months, they completed the parenting classes offered by Hope Pregnancy Center. These classes teach and equip parents with the skills they need to prepare for parenthood. While attending these classes, families are gaining points to use at the facility’s store to “purchase” baby items they need. Weekly classes cover topics such as: what to expect at the hospital, how to care for a newborn, baby milestones, basic infant first aid, car seat safety and more. Families are encouraged to attend classes as a way to meet other expectant parents and to be part of a safe place to express concerns while finding answers to questions.


Kaylee said, “The parenting classes were so helpful to us. They taught us so much on how to get ready to have a baby. They also allowed us to save up money and acquire things from the store at the center. The resources we gained while at Hope were so valuable in starting us out on our journey as parents.”

Two and a half years later Kaylee and Justin are loving having baby Kyla in their lives. “She has changed our lives. It hasn’t always been easy but coming home to a big hug and a kiss from a tiny toddler everyday makes the work worth it,” Justin added. Both parents have continued their education, bought a house and are pursuing promotions in their jobs. “People said it couldn’t be done, that we were too young or that we wouldn’t make it. I’m glad we got to prove them wrong. Having Kyla was a big choice we had to make, but I know we made the right choice,” Kaylee said. “We are so thankful for the loving people at Hope Pregnancy Center. They made our pregnancy easier and our parenting possible. We can’t say thank you enough for all the resources they provided. It truly changed our lives for the better.”

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