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There is nothing in the world quite like a mother’s love.


When trying to describe a mother’s love, we typically use adjectives like “unwavering” and “unconditional”. Linda Scott, resident of Baptist Village Oklahoma City, describes her mom as a “mentor” and a “source of security”. Linda says her mom motivated her to be a strong and independent person.

While often not understood during childhood, a mother’s love lies at the core of her nagging – clean your room, finish your homework, eat your vegetables, etc., because she wants what’s best and for her kids to learn to make the best decisions. Linda remarks that to this very day she makes her bed when she gets out of it because that is something her mom instilled in her every day.

A mother’s love can be illustrated in how she makes sacrifice after sacrifice for the sake of her children. Linda says she doesn’t ever remember her mom having a winter coat, and she thinks it’s because as soon as she would save enough money to buy one, either Linda or her brothers would need something.

“Mom would always sacrifice for her kids. Her kids always came first.”

Linda’s mom was a homemaker and described by Linda as “the disciplinarian” - taking care of everything at home while her dad was working. Linda says her dad was “the worker”. He always had multiple jobs to make ends meet…oftentimes working a full-time day job and then part-time in the evenings.

Life wasn’t always easy growing up. Like so many, life was riddled with difficulties for Linda’s mom and dad, but Linda and her brothers never realized the challenges her parents faced, because her mom managed to leap every hurdle that came her way. Mothers are doing extraordinary things every single day, and Linda’s mom was no different.

As Linda’s mom grew older, her health deteriorated. Linda’s brother, Gary, moved in with their mom to be her full-time caregiver, and Linda would visit on the weekends to take over and give her brother a break.

Her mom wasn’t working, and social security was falling short of paying the bills. Linda helped financially by paying utility bills and covering unpaid hospital bills. Linda knew it had to be done, but it took a toll on her own financial well-being.

Using her own savings to financially help her mom depleted the savings Linda had. She sold her home and moved to Baptist Village of Oklahoma City. Her brother already lived on campus, so it made perfect sense, but after paying her bills, her monthly expenses were more than she could afford.

Linda applied for the Larry and Edwine Adams Assistance Fund of Baptist Village and was approved. The Adams Assistance Fund is available to BVC residents and offers monthly financial help to residents facing hardships just like Linda. Funds are applied directly to the monthly rent for her apartment which leaves a little cushion in Linda’s monthly budget to afford necessities such as over-the-counter medicines, prescription copays, and other daily living needs.

The Adam’s Assistance Fund is 100% donor funded by gifts from our gracious supporters. Without your help, residents like Linda would be forced to find other living arrangements. BVC is honored to offer this help to our residents.

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