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If you've spent nearly your entire adult life working, retirement may seem like it cannot come soon enough. To most, the idea of spending several decades in retirement sounds like a dream. However, running out of money during retirement is a real possibility for many people.
This is exactly what happened to Pauline Leathers, resident at Baptist Village of Oklahoma City (BVC). Pauline says,
“God obviously had plans for me to live much longer than I planned.”

Pauline spent her career as a teacher. She taught in many different schools across many states. Pauline’s husband, Jimmy Lee as she lovingly refers to him, was in the United States Navy, so they moved around the country, as many military families often do.
They lived a modest, middle-class lifestyle with two children, a son and a daughter. Pauline says, “It wasn’t always easy, but we made it work.”

When Jimmy Lee was 54, he suffered his first heart attack making him unable to return to the Navy. Pauline became the primary income for the household, and for eleven years, they lived on her teacher salary and his small military retirement.
Following his third heart attack, Jimmy Lee passed away at the age of 65.
Pauline thought they had planned well for the future. After her husband passed, she did not receive his social security or military retirement. The necessary paperwork had not been properly completed prior to his death.

Pauline later sold their family home and moved into a two-bedroom condo. She was fully independent and thought everything was going to be just fine, but it wasn’t long before Pauline began having accidents and falls sending her to the emergency room.
During her last hospital visit following a fall, the doctor told Pauline he could not release her to return home unless she had someone that could provide the necessary help she needed. Hiring full-time, live-in assistance was not financially feasible for her, nor was moving in with her children. Both children still had their own kids living at home, and Pauline knew she did not want to add more to their plate by moving in…plus, neither of her children had and extra bedroom.
Pauline’s son and daughter knew they had to find somewhere for their mom to live that could offer her the independence she wanted yet provide the help she needed.

Working together, they made a list of senior adult communities to visit, and Baptist Village was first on the list…it became the only place they visited. One visit to Baptist Village of Oklahoma City and Pauline knew she had found her new home.
Pauline moved in the week following Thanksgiving in 2015.

“From the first time I went to dinner in the dining room, I felt welcomed.”

Fast forward five years, and Pauline was facing a tough financial decision. Her savings had run out, and she was struggling to afford her monthly living expenses. Pauline would have to move to a cheaper place, or her children would carry the financial burden of her monthly living costs. She was confident no other place would feel like home as much as Baptist Village did.

The staff at Baptist Village knew just how to help and went to work submitting Pauline’s application for the Larry and Edwine Adams Assistance Fund (The Adams Assistance Fund). The Adams Assistance Fund is a special fund available to provide monthly financial help to BVC residents facing financial hardships just like Pauline.

Pauline was thrilled to learn she would be getting assistance.

“I am so thankful for the Adams Assistance Fund. It allowed me to stay in my home at Baptist Village.”


Living on a fixed income can be stressful...especially during the golden years of life. All seniors deserve to enjoy life during their retirement without worrying about how they will pay their housing expenses each month, and sometimes a little extra support is needed to make ends meet. When you donate to the Mother’s Day Offering, you are contributing to The Adams Assistance Fund. Baptist Village Communities uses 100% of their portion of the offering to assist residents in need of financial help. Will you consider donating this year?